Frame>                                                                    HARAL track, Reynolds 531
Painting>                                                                                 Grey Coated 7031
Painting details>                   Handmade Copper & white, with “One shoot” paint
Leather >     handmade cutted and stiched on the frame, rack, saddle and flask                 
Headbadge>                            Handmade with PVC tube and “One shoot” paint
Fork>                        Unknow from a race bike for the brake hole and wide tires                          
Headset>                        Campagnolo Nuovo Record with <C> cup (really rare)
Stem>                                                       Unknow aluminium lugged & polished
Handlebar>                        No name from vintage women city bike and inverted
Grip>                                             Vintage orange cloth tape with amber shellac
Handlebar diamond cap>                                                            Secret sourcing

Brake lever>                                                                       Vintage Inverted CLB
Brake caliper>                             Vintage CLB GL 48-65 repainted as the frame
Brake pads>                                                                                Brown from Felt

Front rack>                                     No brand and cheap but clothed with leather
Front light>                                   Vintage city bike with a grafted battery & LED

Seatpost>                                      Vintage unknow with engraved innitial (JP ?)
Saddle>                                                    San Marco clothed with brown leather
Flask>                                                                        Clothed with brown leather
Flasque holder>                                                                                  Handmade
This plan required a lot of research, patience and relationships.
The quest of components and their acquisition took place on a dozen months and at the time when project started I had already collected main components for a very modest price.
However by worries of coherence and the compatibility of components it will have been necessary to lead a true hunt to treasures to find certain rare pearls.
In term of realization: seam of leather, with the polishing of the parts via the design of the headbadge, all was handmade by myself. Only gray coated painting on the frame set and wheels mounting were entrusted to professionals.
This bike born thanks to the momentum from the French fixed gear community and their help on
Bottom bracket>                                                           Campagnolo record pista  
Crankset>                                    Vintage Specialites TA, Pro 5 screws, 165mm
Cranks bolts and screw>                                                             NIB Tevano set
Chainring>                                                      Vintage Specialites TA Track, 49t
Pedals>                                                                                   NIB MKS, Quill-2K
Toe clips>                                                                                   NIB AFA, size L
Toe straps>                              Handmade in leather and refurb Zephal buckles
Chain>                                                                          Brand new Miche narrow
Cog>                                                                                   Brand new Surly, 20t
Front hub>                                                       Vintage Mavic 500/550RD Track
Front rim>                                           Vintage Mavic MA40 red label, machined
Front spokes>                                                                 DT swiss, crossed by 3
Washers>                                                                               Handmade leather
Rear hub>                                                        Vintage Mavic 500/550RD Track
Rear rim>                                                                  NOS Mavic MA40 red label
Rear Spokes>                                                                 DT swiss, crossed by 3
Lockring>                                                                                       Vintage Mavic
Washers>                                                                               Handmade leather
Tires>                                                              Schwable Delta Cruiser 700X35C
Polishing tips & tricks :
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Hand stitching tutorial :
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Headbadge process :
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